Kempten im Allgaeu: Roman Ruins in a typical mountain setting

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Kempten Stadtkern mit Kirche

Kempten boasts over 2000 years of history, making it one of German's oldest towns. Nestled in the Alps in the far south of Germany, modern German architecture, traditional alpine buildings and Roman ruins coexist side by side.
The main attractions of Kempten are the St. Lawrence Basilica (which looks lovely from outside but we sadly did not have the opportunity to explore indoors) and the APC (Archeological Park Cambodunum) for its Roman ruins. Entrance fees for the APC run at 5 Euro per adult - though if you visit on the first Sunday of the month, entry is free!
Inside the APC, you get to see the ruins of a temple complex (rather small, don't get your hopes up too high) and a bit further down the road the excavations of a thermal bath (this is indoors, so you get to enjoy it no matter the weather). Inside the temple there's a 15 minute video display about 'Heracles 12 Labors' which was fairly entertaining:

Roman goddesses Penaten and Cloacina

My personal highlight, however, was the exhibit of 'Roman Gods, faith and superstition'.
Granted, I always thought I knew a fair bit of Roman mythology, but the existence of some of their deities was news to me.
Cue these gems: 'Penaten: Deities of the STOREROOM', 'Carna, goddess of organs', 'Cardera: Goddess of DOOR HANDLES and HINGES' and 'Cloacina: Goddess of SEWERAGE'.

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