Steinhausen: the most beautiful village church in the World

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the pilgrimage church 'Unserer Lieben Frau' and parish church 'St. Peter & Paul'


... is a baroque church in the south Germany's village of Steinhausen / Upper Swabia and was built between 1728-1732. Its ceiling frescoes give it an art historical importance as one of the most relevant pieces of the early rococo era.
Not only is the church one of the most important sites of the Upper Swabian Baroque Route, but also of the German / Swabian 'Camino de Santiago' also known as 'Way of St. James'.

The pilgrimage church 'Unserer Lieben Frau' (aka 'of Our Lady') became a parish church by the name of 'St. Peter & Paul' in 1865.

It is often referred to as 'the most beautiful village church in the world'.


My first reaction upon hearing of 'the most beautiful village church in the world', let alone a mere half an hour away from where we live, was a mighty eye roll. I might even have muttered 'preposterous!'
But, as my readers know, I am never one to pass up a golden opportunity to learn something new, nor a photo opportunity.

While the first exterior impression of the church wasn't much (it was a very rainy autumn day and we drove up to it from a less-than-scenic angle), my jaw dropped as I entered the door.
You would never know this church is set in a humble little village with just about 9000 population. I was instantly reminded of my visit at the beautiful Ettal Abbey. If you are in the area, you definitely need to stop by.

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