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Posted: July 5, 2022 | Last Update: 24. Mar 2023

ALAYA Resort 5* - Ubud, Bali

Alaya Resort Ubud Bali review

Alaya Resort Ubud, Bali, Review

Rena and Nick at Alaya Resort Ubud

‘Selamat siang’ from Ubud, Bali’s cultural capital. If you are looking for a sophisticated hideaway combining authentic Balinese experiences and modern luxury, look no further.
Read on to learn about our experience at the amazing Alaya Resort in Ubud and why you should stay there, too.

Location & Getting to the Alaya Resort in Ubud

The Alaya Resort Ubud is a boutique hotel located in the heart of Ubud village.
You can get there by car (driver, taxi, transfer) from Bali’s international Denpasar airport in just over an hour.

If you are visiting Bali for the first time, be warned that the drive out of Denpasar is not what you might be expecting - it’s not pretty at all. But once you’re out of the “metropolitan” area it gets better and more in line with the photos and videos of lush landscapes you have most likely seen.

Once you arrive in the bustling town of Ubud, you reach the Alaya hotel in no time, as it is located of one of the main roads, right next door to cafés, shops and restaurants.

Don’t let that first impression of “OMG why am I on the main road, I thought I booked a retreat” worry you, as once you step over the resort’s doorstep, you enter an entirely new and unexpected world: you’re greeted with Balinese tradition and architecture set in the midst of a rice paddy. Welcome to a sophisticated luxury sanctuary, the Alaya Resort Ubud!

Alaya Resort Ubud, Bali, Review

Ubud itself is Bali’s cultural capital and offers so so much to see and do. Please check out this guide on what to see and do in Bali, as well as this more specific article on the beautiful Alas Harum must see attraction in Ubud.

Ubud Bali Sacred Monkey Forest by


After your journey you will surely be a bit knackered - refreshments and towels are served upon arrival and the check in process is super quick and comfortable. Guests also get a voucher for a Balinese massage in the hotel’s own “Dala” spa (more on this later).  

Your luggage will be brought to your room while one member of staff gives you a little tour of the resort.

Alaya Resort Ubud, Bali, Review

the Hotel: About Alaya Resort Ubud

Ubud’s Alaya Resort was designed by award winning architects and boasts a variety of truly eye catching details.

The hotel consists of a main house and several other buildings (all three storey high and clad in bamboo) that are set in an park that is half rice terrace, half lush garden. It has a total of 106 rooms but never felt crowded. You can relax by one of the two pools (one is designed to look like a stream flowing through the garden).

A word of caution: the pathway between the main building (reception and breakfast restaurant) and the outer buildings is not paved - there are only some stepping stones on grass. We struggled a bit in the dark and I can only imagine how difficult this might be to navigate people with mobility issues, wheelchair users our families with strollers. Accessibility might be given in some areas of the hotel, but that would be the exception rather than the norm.

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Watch my video: pool, bar, DaLa spa and the jungle surrounding our room.

Alaya Resort Ubud, Bali, Review

The Rooms

We are absolute suckers for taking a hot bubble bath at night, especially after a long day of travelling or exploring, so we had booked a room with a bathtub and it did not disappoint!

In actual fact, the free standing tub was the main feature of our room.

The building itself was on the far side of the main area, tucked into the bush, and also had a terrace. Our room was large and spacious with a very comfortable bed and Indonesian interior design that we really enjoyed.

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Massage at DaLa Spa

Alaya Hotel Ubud has its own award winning massage and wellness parlour “DaLa Spa” , (which is also open to external visitors) and I cannot recommend their massage enough!

They actually managed to book us in late on the evening of our arrival and the Balinese couple massage we got there was heaven!  
The ritual starts with a foot bath before you lay down on the massage beds and receive a truly relaxing and at the same time invigorating 60 minutes toe-to-head massage by incredibly talented ladies.

Of all the massages we’ve had all over the world, this one is the one we remember and rate highest.

Not only was the massage itself great, but also the surrounding Spa location - the design of the massage rooms, the reception area, even the staff’s uniforms all projected a cohesive feeling of sophistication and understated luxury.

(In case you’re wondering what to wear for a massage: underpants/bikini bottoms/swim shorts and then wrap yourself in a sarong (provided)).

Alaya Resort Ubud, Bali, Review

Culinary - eating at Alaya's beautiful restaurants

The hotel has three restaurants: Cerita Manisan, Pison and Brasserie.

Your stay will include breakfast, which is served in the main bar ‘Brasserie’ off the reception and the open air area overlooking the rice field and a small pond. There are four to à la carte dishes to choose from (Nasi Goreng (fried rice), Mie Goreng (fried noodles), Bubur Ayam (chicken rice congee), pancakes)) as well as a small buffet with Danish pastries. I recommend trying the local dishes, they were all fantastic.

While Ubud has dozens (if not more) restaurants, you really (really really!) should eat at the Cerita Manisan restaurant located on the Alaya Resort premises at least once (you’re likely to come back, it’s sooo good). 

What made it so special we went there more than once was of course first and foremost the quality of the food.

It’s seriously yummy! Definitely try their honey glazed pork belly (here is my version of it) and the lamb shank, they are too die for!
But not only that, the restaurant is also beautifully designed and the ordering process was totally painless as you do it via phone and QR code (which is actually great because it completely bypasses the danger of misunderstanding among patron and waiter, especially when language barriers are in place).

Alaya Resort Ubud, Bali, Review

My rating

No question about it: our stay at the Alaya was great!

If you are looking for a sophisticated hideaway combining authentic Balinese experiences and modern luxury, look no further.

Have you booked YOUR stay yet? If not, you should!
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Disclaimer: this review is not sponsored. Alaya Resort are, at the time of this article being published, not aware of it. All opinions are my own.

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